A new chapter for Bistro 13 and Stellenbosch Vineyards

Bistro 13 on Stellenbosch Vineyards, open since September 2014, will be bidding farewell to Stellenbosch.

Patron chef, Nic van Wyk, known for South African flavours, and his role on Kyknet’s Kokkedoor as judge, among other things, will be focusing on his new partnership with Haute Cabriere wine farm, and the upcoming Kyknet Kokkedoortjie kids’ cooking programme airing in April 2017.

Bistro 13 has had a good run in the press over the years, as well as Nic’s Eat Out 2016 dish showcase, and not forgetting the local market that has been supporting Bistro 13 since opening.

The decision was made based on both brands wanting to focus on different areas and markets. Stellenbosch Vineyards will continue offering guests a quality food and wine experience in the restaurant space alongside the additional expansion of its new eatery brand ‘The Bus Stop’, a unique pizza and burger experience.

‘Bistro 13 and the memories we have created and shared, remain very close to my heart. Although we are not reopening as such at this point, the brand remains something I believe in,’ shares van Wyk.

“Bistro 13 has created a destination for wine and food enthusiasts at Stellenbosch Vineyards and would like to thank Nic and his team for starting this journey with us. I wish him all of the best with his new ventures. At Stellenbosch Vineyards, it is our ambition to become a destination of choice for local and international tourists. We are in the process of finalising the appointment of an experienced manager who will oversee all consumer engagement at our brand home,” concludes Eduan Steynberg, Managing Director of Stellenbosch Vineyards.

Details on activities will be published on the Bistro 13 and Stellenbosch Vineyards website between 12 and 21 March 2017. From Sunday 12 March to Friday 17 March, the restaurant will be closed, and the new offering will reopen from Saturday 18 March.



Stellenbosch Vineyards Statement Regarding The Closing Of Bistro 13

Stellenbosch Vineyards is resolute in its ambition to become a destination of choice for local and international tourists who shows an interest in wine and food. Our journey started with the opening of Bistro 13 alongside chef Nic Van Wyk and upon his departure three years later we will remain to run the restaurant with its well-trained team.

As we continue to create a comprehensive food and wine experience for our guests, the restaurant will operate with business as usual from 18 March 2017 alongside the additional expansion of our new eatery brand ‘The Bus Stop’.

Since October 2016, our company has entered a new and exciting period in its journey with a focus on growing in the premium wine category. Extending this focus to our brand home it was considered to be the next logical step to appoint an experienced manager, ensuring that as a destination, we offer great quality, service and experiences at all levels of our brand home.


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